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Ipamorelin vs Sermorelin

Ipamorelin and Sermorelin are peptides that function like growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRPs). Synthetically created in a lab setting, these peptides function by increasing the amount of growth hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary gland.Increased growth hormone has been found to help prevent stunted growth, in test animals that are lacking this hormone, as…

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What is Anastrozole?

Research liquids are valuable for use in the laboratory research. They help us understand their side effects, both negative and positive. One research liquid that we’d like to review is called Anastrozole, which is typically studied for its effects on the estrogen receptors. This research liquid is not naturally found, but rather synthesized in the…

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GHRP 6 vs GHRP 2

Growth hormone is a naturally occurring peptide, which plays a key role in the growth and development from adolescents, to maturity. It is also used to help maintain other key functions such as; cellular growth and regeneration, metabolism, and homeostasis. Studying these hormones have allowed scientist to create similar functioning peptides right in the laboratory….

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What are Peptides & Research Liquids?

Everyday there are new strides met in the scientific field. New peptides and research liquids are discovered to have a wide variety of effects on the animal test subjects that is used for research studies. In a growing field, research labs have found growing opportunities¬†for peptides and research liquids. But what exactly are peptides and…

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Tadalafil Liquid for Research Purposes

Tadalafil liquid is a research liquid that has been shown to relax muscles in the blood vessels in animal test subjects. Once relaxed it is shown that there is increased blood flow in areas which have smooth muscles. These locations include the lungs, prostate, bladder, and corpus cavernous. Research has shown Tadalafil liquid to treat…