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Buy Peptides for Research Purposes

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Peptides are often needed for research means. However, they can take a long time to synthesize, taking away precious lab time that could be used in a more productive way. This is why, over the years, buying peptides has quickly become the new go to method. With email promotions and USA made products, we at Grindstone Labs want to make this an easy experience for when you are looking to buy peptides for research purposes.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are chains of 2 to 40 amino acids bonded together to form a molecule through peptide bonds. These bonds are located between the carboxyl group of one amino acid and the amine group. This bond found between them is a covalent bond. Naturally occurring, these molecules are important to maintain functions inside of organisms. These types of molecules can also be synthesized in the laboratory. Once synthesized, these peptides are often used in a laboratory setting for a number of different research studies.

Considers one of the building blocks for life, they are necessary for a number of functions. They can function as a number of different things including enzymes, hormones, and antibiotics. Without these to help maintain life functions, an organism will die.

Peptide Functions

Each peptide has a different function, which is determined by the amino acids it is composed of. It is common for these molecules to be constantly broken down and build inside all living organisms. Some of the functions the peptides perform are as follows:

  1. Structural Support– A peptide chain that contains 50 or more amino acids is considered a protein. Proteins are what organisms are made of from the nails and skin, to the tendons bonds. These proteins help to create structural support. Keratin is a protein that is found in hair and nails and collagen is a protein that is found in bones and tendons.
  2. Antibiotics– Peptides can also function as antibiotics to help kill and prevent the growth of foreign microorganism which have the potential to cause harm to the host. Because of their antibiotic functions, these are often found in a number of medicines.
  3. Hormones– Vital in helping to carry signals between cells, hormones help regular a number of functions inside of an organism, including the sleep cycle and the regulation of blood sugar. Peptides that function in this manner are found in the liver, kidneys, and intestines.
  4. Neuropeptides– While functioning as a neuropeptide, these peptides are used as signals and regulators in the brain. Located in the surrounding neural tissue, these peptides help maintain functions between the brain and body. An example of a neuropeptide is endorphins.
  5. Alkaloids– Found mostly in small animals, plants and fungi, this type of peptide is used as a natural defense mechanism.

Synthesizing Peptides

During this process, peptides are made by creating a bond between the carboxyl group and the amino group of two amino acids. However, during this process, it is quite common to get unwanted reactions and products, which mean protective groups are needed to help prevent this. Chemical groups are created to bind to certain groups of the amino acids to block these unwanted reactions. This can be a tedious, stressful task, which is why many laboratories now buy peptides to conduct their research.,

Peptides play an important role in helping to advance scientific research. This is why Grindstone Labs is committed to offering you quality products at reasonable prices. With just a few clicks, you can buy peptides and have them shipped right to your door. Whether you are a grad student studying the function of amino acids, or working on a research project in a private laboratory, we have peptides for your needs.

All products purchased from Grindstone Labs are for laboratory usage only.

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